Greeting card brand and small business. Branding, logo design, shop setup, painting, illustration, photography, social media presence, business and customer relations.
Challenge: Designing homemade cards for my friends and family has been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. The challenge here was to turn my passion for creating greetings cards into an online business.
Solution: Designed a logo that represents my charming and detailed style of illustration, as well as the aqua color seen throughout my overall brand. All cards are marked with the logo on the back, along with stickers and thank you notes that I created to include in the packaging. Constructed an Etsy shop that includes           Oli designs brand materials, such as the logo and product photographs.
Process and Inspiration: Cards are both hand illustrated and digitally designed. Watercolor paints, calligraphy pens, gel pens and other tools are used to produce the cards. I am very inspired by Italian culture, environment, art, and cuisine. Many of my card designs feature certain symbols and motifs that are drawn from these inspirations. Each illustration tells it’s own story, allowing people to experience the same feelings of joy and curiosity I feel when I encounter something along my travels.
Italian inspired ceramic tile motif cards

"olidesignsshop" on Etsy

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