Hello, welcome to my website
I'm a graphic designer and illustrator from NY with a BFA in graphic design and a secondary specialization in Italian studies.
Working in both freelance and creative team settings has provided me with the opportunity to harness my ability to solve problems creatively and efficiently and gain experience within different areas of design. These include: social media design, digital marketing, print and layout design, branding, packaging, and stationery design.
My passion for graphic design, illustration, and typography is expressed through the projects displayed in my portfolio. I combine these elements to create beautiful, clear and dynamic layouts while always taking a highly detailed approach during project execution.
After studying in Italy, my interest in illustration, color, and typography was strengthened. The experience as a whole allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of Italian art, history, and culture. This sparked an evolution of my design skills and style alike, and has since inspired several projects I've created professionally.
Advancing my technical and creative skillset is something I always strive to do. I would particularly like to pursue a career that will give me the opportunity to create beautiful and impactful visuals all while expanding my knowledge of layout, illustration, and branding.
Resume and PDF Portfolio available upon request
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