Freelance social graphics work for the NYC Autism Charter Schools located in East Harlem and the Bronx. Social media design, team collaboration and communication, social media management.  
Challenge: Every year the charter schools hold a fundraiser leading up to Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving). For the fundraising campaign, I was tasked with designing graphics that would highlight the students and the mission of the school and ultimately encourage people to donate. After designing the graphics I was responsible for posting them on the school's Instagram and Facebook to spread the word throughout different communities.
Solution: I created a collection of similar graphics that all embody a light and fun style with a blue color palette to match NYCACS's brand. With the help of the NYCACS team, I selected images of the students and teachers depicting their day to day routines / special occasions at the school. I also captioned the posts with informational messages to educate the community about the school's purpose and goals for the students.

I am still currently designing weekly graphics for their social media accounts to highlight the students, staff, and special events.
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