As a graphic designer / team leader, I assisted the creative director in executing a variety of different projects for the studio's wide range of clients. Projects involved: web design, branding, packaging, layout and print design, presentation design, the creation of marketing collateral, digital ads and social media graphics.
Amy Howard At Home
Amy Howard At Home is the leading manufacturer of certifiable green, artisan quality paint & DIY furniture refinishing products. HardPressed Creative is responsible for designing all of their marketing campaign assets, such as social media graphics, web banners, e-blasts, etc. The images shown below display some of the marketing and brand visuals I designed mostly to advertise sales, crafting events, and new products.
Brochure redesign that highlights all AHAH existing products. VIEW FULL Amy Howard At Home 2022 Product Brochure
Spring Makerthon social graphics
20% Off Kits Sale e-blast and web banner
Welcome Spring Sale social graphics
Welcome Spring Sale web banners
Welcome Spring Sale e-blasts
Juvenescence operates as a biotech longevity company. They develop therapies and products to modify aging and help people live longer and healthier lives by harnessing the metabolic process of ketosis. HardPressed Creative caters to many of their web and digital marketing design needs. Tasks that I've completed as a team and individually include: creating a web banner featuring the CEO, editing and resizing images/ads in photoshop, making adjustments to newsletter emails, sourcing images for website articles, and designing still and animated display ads, social media graphics, and a printed coupon. Shown below are various examples of the graphics and animated display ads.
Ketosis Benefits diagram and icon concepts
Animated mobile Instagram ad
Animated web ad
Animated display ads in various sizes
Say Goodbye to Off Days / Switch On Ketosis animated ads in various sizes
Equity Trust
Equity Trust is an industry-leading custodian of investment alternatives. They streamline the investment experience by offering optimized solutions, processes, and services to their customers. I teamed up with the director at HardPressed Creative to assist with the creation of many print, digital, communication, and marketing designs. We used their brand elements and a more modern style to develop clear and dynamic visuals that would take their brand to the next level.  All of the PDF's and page layout materials shown below are projects that I worked on independently.

PDF Lead Magnet

Static social media ad chart

Due Diligence Guide PDF

Equity Trust Expense Pass credit card design concepts
American Heart Association ad and 1/8 of the FAQ PDF's I designed 
Equity Trust tradeshow booth banners
Health Action Council
Health Action Council is a not-for-profit organization representing large employers that enhances human and economic health. Most of the work I completed for this client consists of printed educational and informational materials. I designed both briefs shown below independently. They were created to provide easy access to information and best practices that could help their members improve the quality, cost and value of healthcare.

Indiana Health Data Report - 17 page brief

How to Effectively Manage Your Healthcare Spending - 8 page insight brief
Health Warrior
Health Warrior is a food and beverage company that makes plant based products such as protein bars, muffins, superfood protein powders and oatmeal cups. I assisted with the creation of the 2022 print and digital product ad designs for the Chia Seed Bars, Pumpkin Seed Bars and Portfolio display. The ads were executed using eight different dimensions to accommodate print and digital settings. Shown below are the advertorial print ads and a some of the digital ad banners in two different sizes.
8.5 x 11 Advertorial ads
8.5 x 4.93 Advertorial ads
160 x 600 Digital ad banners
728 x 90 Digital ad banners
Orthobond is an antimicrobial technology company that has developed proprietary antimicrobial nanosurfaces, with broad applications in the medical device industry and more such as commercial, industrial, automotive, and beyond. I worked on a handful of different tasks to help refine the Orthobond brand. These include: logo modifications, designing a business card and coming up with letterhead design concepts, and helping to develop a brand deck that fully represents their identity. For the deck, I created a color palette, gathered images that would embody the brand personality, and arranged all of the visual elements throughout the slides to create a dynamic and clear layout.   
Business card design

Brand ID deck

Thomas Park Investments
Thomas Park Investments is a private equity real estate firm that acquires medical office buildings throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Most of the work I've completed for TPI consists of presentation designs and the creation of print materials. Shown below is a brochure I designed for the Odenton Medical Center that offers building highlight information. The presentation template slides were developed to simplify the process any time the TPI team will want to insert new information about a different acquired building. I assisted the creative lead with designing and reorganizing the layout of text and imagery on certain slides as well as creating icons, maps, and charts. 
Odenton brochure

TPI Presentation template slides

SweetSpot Labs
SweetSpot Labs is a vulvar skincare brand dedicated to bringing clean, safe, effective vulvar care to the world and fundamentally changing the way people see, talk about & treat vulvar skin health. HardPressed Creative was tasked with redesigning their product packaging. I assisted the creative lead in making text and layout adjustments to the new packaging designs for several products. Mockups for review were created by placing the new packaging designs onto labels in existing product photos. This project gave me the opportunity to learn more about working and designing within packaging files. 
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