In many cities around the world, color is used on the exterior of homes for purposes beyond fueling a beautiful aesthetic. Color represents a certain function that can give us a better understanding of what its significance is in a culture.
People walk in and out of buildings everyday, whether they're on their way to work or exploring a foreign city, and noticing the function of the color of a building, let alone the color itself, is something they often overlook. The relationship between color in domestic architecture can draw us closer to understanding the rich history and current character of a city, which is why engaging and informing the viewer about this topic is important. 
Travelers, artists, art historians, and even children who are seeking to learn and explore should find this topic to be valuable. Split up into eight different chapters by city, this book takes the reader on a colorful, architectural, and cultural journey. Within each chapter you'll find a watercolor illustration, dissected color palette, and the accompanying text describing the purpose behind the use of each color palette.
Burano, Italy
Chefchaouen, Morocco
Guatapé, Colombia
Harlem, New York
Izamal, Mexico
Mykonos, Greece
Okinawa, Japan
San Francisco, California
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