Public relations / graphic design projects for the Miami Theatre Players. Involved advertising, poster & print design, digital illustration, photography, social media presence, team collaboration.
Challenge: Required to fulfill design and social media responsibilties, as well as communciate with campus organizations and print shops, and community print shops. Established a good connection with the cast and executive/creative team in order to determine how my designs could accurately represent the energy of our musical, Legally Blonde.
Solution: Developed a theme that includes layers of pink, symbolic patterns, and the playful yet ambiguous girl character to support the fun, upbeat, and female strengthening environment that the musical is built upon. Took this theme and designed a poster, playbill, flyers, head shot boards, t-shirts, and social media ads. Updated Facebook and Instagram pages with information, photos, and videos regarding the cast and crew, along with details about when and where to see the show and attend upcoming events.
Show poster
Headshot boards
Social media presence
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