Digital Illustration projects. Involved poster design, digital illustration, collage, interaction between type and image, school promotion and collaboration.
In the Spring semester of 2018, I attended Florence University of the Arts (FUA) in Florence, Italy. The collaboration of students from several different art, fashion, and design classes is an important philosophy encouraged by the university, which I had the fortunate opportunity to experience. The digital illustration class was responsible for designing posters and invitations for many school events that occurred throughout Florence. My creation for each poster was influenced by what the theme of the event was.
Challenge: The task was to design a poster for the opening art exhibition of Vincenzo Gualano. It was required to Incorporate one or several photographs of his work on the poster, along with the accompanying text informing the viewer about where and when the exhibit would take place.
Solution: Used one of his most famous works that resembles the profile of a face, and adopted the color palette for the typography and linework. Placed the type and dotted lines strategically along the needles in the Gualano’s piece to simulate as if they were original elements included in his work.
Challenge: This project enforced the importance of community at our school. The university wanted to emphasize that everyone in search of experiencing authentic Italian traditions was welcome, and thought that it would be a good theme for the final student exhibition. The aim was to design a poster for the exhibition using this theme.
Solution: Produced an illustration that depicts a warm and welcoming scene in front of the entrance of the main university building. The vivid color palette and rounded typeface give off an energy that fit nicely with the theme of tradition. The poster invites the viewer to come to the event and become part of the FUA community.
Challenge: The theme of the this fashion event for the university’s school of fashion was called “Pop out of Reality!”. The goal was to design a poster that included pop art images or references. 
Solution: The juxtaposition of bright red lips and colorful shapes and patterns provided a pop art setting. The red lips were hand drawn, edited and then multiplied to further the layering of color and shapes. Red is associated with hunger, and because the event was held in the form of an aperitivo, it gives off the feeling of being hungry for fashion.
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