Design research project. Involved research, data visualizations, poster design.
Challenge: The challenge consisted of choosing a topic to research, making an online survey, conducting an experiment, forming conclusions, and designing a poster with data visualizations based on the findings. 
Solution: Selected the topic of how music affects thoughts and emotions of people. While this topic has been heavily researched, my exploration was inspired by my love for singing and my interest in musical theater.
For method one, I created a survey to collect data on how college students interact with music on a daily basis. For the second method, I asked the members of my a cappella group what kind of emotions they felt before and after one rehearsal. All of the data I accumulated was organized into different visualizations. There were not many surprises when it came to the results, however, I was still interested to find out which genres of music often help people cope with stress. The idea that a specific quality of the music can provoke happiness, whether it be the lyrics, melody, or instrumental chord progressions was also a fascinating discovery. Feel free to read through the methods, survey questions, and conclusions more thoroughly on the poster below.     
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